Aaaand thats the bottom line!

hubsbars-update.jpgdivide.jpgsoft-gunce-update.jpgdivide.jpgIts a tough time for riding,the ice cometh.We finally got delivery of our magic bullet bars and front and cassette hubs all you dudes that have been asking,they should be in your local shops now.check em out.nick hayday sent us these old pics from the legendary leigh on sea park of a couple of people some of you may recognise?they are from 1995 and all are on the spine,damn,thats a while ago now,all participants are still rolling-f@ckin 3 out 3 there!thats your humble narrator whipping.adam"big ron"peters-270 over to pegs-check the hair-and lemsip bustin a heavy barspin...what i found interesting about these were the mass of pads on every one,f@ckin good days,thanks nick for the pics!