golf traaaser's?

ashrie-mozza-up-copy.jpg'nuver freezing weekend,kept rolling with cheap ass coffee and petrol station stops.ashrie charles and the bournemouth boys went down to the bournemouth park with a genny and lights and let rip on the hips,good idea,this should be an occurance once a month in the winter,higher a generator and light up a spot-could be a good idea.phil bray took the sweet pic of ash.we went to crawley at the weekend,it was windy and wet we dried out the bowl after a trip to asda for cheap towels got on the hands and knees and scrubbed that dirt and water out,it was still a bit dangerously damp  but max wood blasted the bowl to bits in a t shirt!check mozza's trousers-pants to all you yanks-strewth,sneaking some wildness in there while across the atlantic,all the rage in c.a?they be some flashy slacks!