brews n crewz

justin-fla.jpgSo this is winter,i remember it well.not too bad really,good sessions at cantelowes which for the first time ever i saw a bigger bike turn out than skateboards-im always amazed at how many lazy f@cks dont go to work on a regular basis,both things were good to see!also theres been fun at scott’s ramp,even if it does get a 20 + man turn out now and again,all good for a chin wag and some cups of tea.this week the epsom crew turned up,the aussies,the northampton lot,crystal palace colin and co,and the regulars too,made for a long wait between runs nuff cups of tea and some good jibber jabber. this is justin from florida busting a wheel grab at cantelowes,he is the most local bmx’er there and is from florida?and theres the ole bookend rattling over the spine! im getting cold toes typing!