'ave a bang on this warlock!

what the f@ck is wrong with some people eh? today i went to cantelowes,a public cement park which aint great but is ok for a mid week peck.everytime i go i have to clean out the deep end,cause the lazy f@ckin locals cant be bothered to take care of there spot.they'd rather skate round the puddle...anyway today some one showed up with a broom and decided to really push the boat out and take life into new directions,yeah dry up the puddle,only to get whinged at by some twat for 30 minutes about it,cause spreading the water put it in his way.i think we may start a new weekly post entitled "bell end of the week"?we have a winner-congratulations.check pics. the rest of the shoots are from a dark night spent indoor on the ply...cups a tea,chin wag,massive 1 footed flatties,good shit,bike riding is fun no matter what you roll on,some people forget that part...get a fuckin broom you assholes!