Gaaar,there be stuaffer!

F@ck!what the f@ck is up with all these bike checks on every site lately,dont worry we'll get one up of some one soon,bike checks are the new peg chink....they suck! i was on the fbm site the other day and it had a couple of pics of the legendary chris stauffer at the legendary posh trails on the east coast of the,these days pics of stuaffer are rarer than a sighting of the lochness monster...go to the fbm site for more on the posh scene over the last few days...the place is f@ckin pumping and all the ole headsa re still rolling and shoveling. today the boys from the woods in epsom went on a mission to safron walden concrete and were quickly reminded why they never leave the woods-other than for ice cream of course.saffron walden not as good as people imagined,it got the thumbs down!