marv n bensons magnificent media!

welly,welly, never know quite what you will see on the way home do ya! usually its pretty straight forward eh may be a bit of road rage or something? today i was cruising back home via the local eatery and come across fit bikes marv and benson with in feet of my house,with a full production co at hackney town hall-tripods and lights a plenty-as well as make up guys and traffic watchers! i took the opportunity for the cheapest web up date yet and snapped a few pics of the crew in full bicker mode,obviously i couldnt snap marv doing his move,cause it would have ruined bensons shot,and he was doing his best ruin it himself as it was!so i got marv to do one downt double set specially for us-and here it all its glory. after a long haul of knuckle bashes,nuverans and stress from photographer and rider the end pic turned out well and im sure you'll see it in print soon enough. whilst all this was going down the cops showed up violated our rights and told us we looked like terrorists waiting for a plane to fly into the infamous and lavish hackney town hall....real f@ckin clever they were. so there you have it,the anatomy of street photo shoot on the 2nd oct 07.