Wotcha gonna do brotha!?

Man,autumn is well under way just look at the colour of those leaves-makes for an awesome colour in photo's.thats lemsip and cong blasting the spot.Not a great deal going down this weekend,so much so that i had to steal a pic from the square one myspace-go there and check it out if you havent alreadythey are good dudes from p.a,the pic is chris doyle and as tweaked as this is,he does do em better than this pic-it did say in the caption,"think i shot to soon".many aussies i come across call tables"panny's"as in pancake...fuckin dumb asse's!i like the term,so i stole it and have been using it for a few years....good table="hell panny"! rode at cantelowes on saturday-well,i say rode,mostly i watched a few young skaters do there most impressive run every time some one new showed up in the bowl-pretty fuckin boring,there is an awesome 1/4 at cantelowes,but most of the park is a bit of a joke.needless to say i didnt last long there...gotta get a good sesh on that 1/4 at some point...fuckin git rollin!