inter bike or sugar in you're i.pea's

every where on the net is inter bike,inter bike inter bike!which is damn boring,inter bike is a horrible event and vegas is perfectly suited to it!they have the nora cup where you vote for your fav rider and the new fit dvd showing can bet Grotbags is there with a new era 2 sizes too big and high as a kite on oxygen and desert humidity,hyped as can be...its not a very enjoyable can look for interbike updates on every site for the next week or so-we may even squeeze one in here,the bloody hypocrousy of it! it serves a purpose ever,atleast you can bet its f@ckin hot in the desert and its far from that here.autumn,or fall,is rolling in fast.check the pics,its all indoor minus Tom from 4 down doing his best neck extension yet.Tom is the general sorter outer at 4 down-well thats what he calls himself.keen as f@ck you can bet he is thinking of what new street lines he is gonna bust at the skate park right now! here comes the darkness and heres some rafter action from jimmy and scott,do you think you called walk underneath that....get up there!