what we talking?

summer is disappearing rapido,leaves are falling and orange is now 50 percent of the green on the trees,f@ck it,ere we go again.you bes get out there with your bro's and make the most of it,we just got our sample handle bars in this week-the magic bullet bars-check pics.the brass tacks-facts-on these things are:11 butted heat treated,26"wide,7.9 rise,10.5 backsweep,1.5 upsweep-light as f@ck too-635g.i had my first ride on these today -i cut mine down a touch-and they felt comfortable as,but then i would say that wouldnt i!they will come in 3 colours-vomit yellow,white and black.due in november. gareth howel takes some f@ckin splendid pics and was kind enough to let us use these pics of jon busting a table top tabogan and ross and arrash tag teaming a hip-i think i was behind the tree with a fish eye lense during this one,making a right mess of it!thanks gareth,keep your eye open for more of his pics in ride uk.there is going to be a guess who's tattoo competition on the 4 down site this week,and win some union gear-keep em peeled.