epsom jam suckaaa's!!!

epsom jam was held at the weekend,jon,ross and the locals there all put in alot of time and effort to get the jumps in tip top for a heavy day of bike riding and fund raising for steven murray.roughly 100 people showed up and busted ass for hours on end.even the guys from jay aliano's showed up and ripped it,if any one is still in any doubt,martin murray is still bad ass!he showed up and flew though the new big line as well as the rest of the stuff.kye and leo forte made an appearance and just ruined the place...naturally,as did the rest of the movement lot.the jam went down splendidly and every one seemed pretty happpy about it...even ross.the que for the main lines was fuckin monsterous,at some points 30 people deep...after the big line sesh,and mad mikes big come back,it was full blown chaos till dark,with 20 man trains and tricks being thrown all over the place...some people went donw mid train-total f&ckin carnage but no serious injuries.looked like every one made the most of it,which is good cause jon and ross will be livid from all the work they have to do fixing it up from the heavy session and wont want any one back any time soon-you know how touchy those boys get?i shot so many pics i'll probably post some more up at a later date....thanks to all who showed up and made it such a good day.the tattoo is on one of our riders legs,its a new un and looks sweet.