cassette's and can,can x up's

heres a snap of our new cassette hub-its top secret so dont tell anyone you've seen it,due out october sort of time...yeah they are bright,but will also come in black or white,so far so good,this is good looking functional casstte hub,runs smooth and gets you to the coffee shop faster...well maybe thats a lie,but we like it. heres a pic of jimmy rushmore from rom jam,a good day was had there,this is jim blasting an air in the performance bowl,over the hip.i missed the performance bowl highest air at rom jam-im a bit pissed off i missed it,especially seeing as one guy from back in the day,who's now rocking the big four o was getting 5 or 6 feet,you gotta love that! the next pic is ellis hardesty,can can x up,he was a bit of a big name back in the days of 93 to about 97,then seemed to disappear,only he didnt really,we just didnt see him in the mags is proof solid he still shreds-harder now than ever-leading the session these days with all kinds of gnarly shit...fuckin awesome! we are off on mega tour this wednesday,should be updates from the road....if possible?