right then so far,this august we have had zero days at the trail...F@ckin zero,its august,usuallythe dryest month of the year and here we are watching the pissing rain, updates due to no recent bmx pics out side on bikes...or just out side in general.theres an s&m trip this week too,lima,donnacha,james newrick,james cox and amos are all on the road somewhere in the uk-ricky"the sweep"adam must have had inside knowledge on the weather as he pulled out last minute?indoor parks for you lot eh,heres some pics from brighter days...jon robinson in berlin with yaffle,unknown sunny rom air and old 80's pic from rom-check this guy,he dont care about the rain,look how wet that bowl is! remember the sun,this post is in remeberance of the sun....may it rest in LIVID!