crandall's big night out!

Its official,summer 07 can fuck right off...another wet weekend for the uk,the boys in hastings managed to get the boyley jam under way and completed,it didnt rain till later in the day so atleast thats some thing. meanwhile a group of jabroni's were gathered at some wet trails in surrey moaning there ass'es off about everything they could,and they certainly covered some topics on that wet saturday...saturday night we went to the united bikes dvd showing in hastings where the was a disco and a plentyful gathering of specimens....check crandalls party night out,dancing,shouting getting wild...its all fun and games until about 9.00 pm when you crash out...mother fuckin fbm!!soft indeed!! absolutely no rolling under the way this weekend,f@CKING pissing rain...nice one!you can only hope for september to have mercy on us,seeing as thats trail jam month....keep an eye out for flier floating around the internet.