berlin...the bollox!

berlin...go if you like living!i was in berlin recently and my trip coincided with the rebel is a splendid place,i want to go back,its cheap,good food spots,easy to ride around the city,good public transport system,a ton of stuff to see-more than you could fit into a week-as well as a good riding scene(we did a union trip there last year).so if you ever go to germany berlin gets the thumbs up here...local coffee houses are a must-BALZAC! the weather was pretty shit for the jam,fuckin rained right in the middle of the day on saturday...which in turn made the jumps wet,hence they were slow as f@ck,alot of people said they were slow as.anyway,that didnt seem to hinder alot of people there,notables brian foster and chris doyle,they had the craziest transferes of the contest and most flow.also ryan nyquist threw some heavy tricks in aswell as a bunch of english guys and kye and leo forte,lima and arrash to name a few,it was good contest and people looked to be having fun...doyle whipped across the whole jump course and bf 360 the same gap,watch it on props as those guys were there...but i think stew was asleep when the finals were on?also look for a thousand berlin road trips in the mags,as there were loads going do know berlin is open when the jam aint on guys? a rare sighting indeed,alot of people have been asking me on myspace,"wheres scott"?so here is....scott malyon,even black beard was happy!