trails,trails,trails...3 days at the trails,aint done that for a while!what a week end,the same weekend as s&m celebrated there 20th year annivesary-i heard even dave clymer showed up-that same weekend over here we celebrated a whole weekend of sun-28 degrees-maybe hotter,a first for this year!people certainly made the most of it with more 2 wheel action than you could take in,saw many a face that havent seen much of this year-due to the crappy weather we've had the rest of the season.felt good to be back on the trails and they were running fast as f@ck! anyway heres some snaps from the sunday sesh,max wood is fuckin bad!and jack is a cheap ass,get this one,he bent a bike part in the vice to get the new 07 version of the said part,even tho there was nothing wrong with the 06 version,talk about taking liberties of a life time warranty!saw this pink bar pad on a kids bike somewhere... i hear bruce crisman moved to london,strangely last i heard of bruce was that he had offically quit riding,can anyone verify any of those things? rebel jam this weekend in berlin-i know a bunch of you lot are going,enjoy !