i never knew pro friday was the first friday in august ?if i did i would have drunk me chai latte a lil quicker and hit the trails...maybe not and maybe its not but it felt like that today at epsom,i cant even be bothered to list the names present,a few primo pro's came down early on then there was the whole movement crew from devon arrived and tore a hole in the place,add that to the healthy local gaggle of trail pecka's and you are talking some heavy rolling,mani never get to ride on fridays,it was fuckin splendid.the movement crew was heading to berlin for the rebel jam via a whole bunch of spots between here and there-first stop being a f@ckin good un.was fuckin good to see those dudes session the trails like theres no amorra! heres a few pics i shot of the day-but minimal on the snaps today...fuckin fuck it the sun was out-tho not in these and the conditions were right,no need to waste time with pics in that situation....its said to be sunny at the weekend too here in london,so stop watching the grim x games on youtube and get amongst it you soft gunts!