if any of you lot have been on the 4 down site you'll see you can win a union back pack by answering a simple question,so id suggest you get on it!we have the fit uk to paris trip in london this weekend,i doubt i'll even bump into those guys but you never know what will happen....will owain take over the trip,and will they bring the sweep to the spot again...watch this space? heres a few pics,its been sparce here this week,cantelowes sesh and a spot sesh...lack of pics on both of those cruises. josh surhe is on the micreation trip over in the usa or canada,i cannt remember where they are going but its a pretty big deal by the looks of it,heres a pic of josh looking very happy days-as usual...hows that toast? then you got chris doyle ripping it at the elevation contest-pic keith mulligan-no one turn down 360's like the doyle,look at this beast of a move.then you got geoff slattery lip slidding at the spot from early may,back when the weather wasnt so bad.anyway message to you and myself,the sun is out now so get the fuck off this computer and roll!