you sneaky bast@rds,check the 4 down feed for an easy eye on some good co's updates,i always look at the way people start there news with the same first word over and over again-check it out! anyway back in london...i bet you fools even got a few rides in this week with the lack h20 we had,keep that sun coming! the crew at epsom made the most of a wet month and built a whole new line with multiple lips and options-multiple choice indeed!thats ross hard at it with a shovel.when this line is running look for some pics where ever you may find em? we have a new delivery of love/hate gloves coming this week,so keep an eye out if you need a new pair? we also have an ad in uk ride-keep em peeled for that,i aint posting up ads here as "news"that is seriously cheap ass!have you seen some of those sites post up other peoples ads as news...what the f@ck is that!and i dont know how many of you look at usa ride but we have had some ads in there-thats a weird space to advertise...very cencorous in that one. heres some pics,the dinner lady is back and shredding-check him blasting the spot,biff x'ing it up,and jon robinson flattening a 3,now get out there and session!