union weather report 2138....FUCKIN SHITE....i cant handle much more of this! no rolling or building all week due to adverse weather conditions.what more can i say or show ya? i can show you chris doyle at whistler-pics keith mulligan-letting loose with the goods as only he knows how, i dont know where chris placed in the event,who cares,you know people rode there asses off and a good contest was held. atleast whistler wasnt rained off like the empire of dirt here-what a great summer we are having.some one please sort this weather out,try magic or something just get it done! lack of substance on this update for sure,i could always point you to some one elses news like a cheap bastard on other sites,but i wont do that.fbm have a cool update with matt hoffman dishing out tattoo's!!but as i said i wont do that...second hand news part 1!