well in usual uk fashion the empire of dirt was rained out and the epic course didnt get to see any contest action! i was actually looking forward to this event for a long time,aswell as a bunch of other people. i heard the course was awesome,the thing that most seemed excited about was the down hill section-all tho not as long as the redbull version,they have had this at barend trails for a few years now,so dont be saying"even i was impressed with the course"when you aint seen anything outside of a contest event for over 10 years.go and have a look at what people have built for themselves....get real! the rain washed half the course away the day before the event,the field was so water logged there was no way of getting everything running for the contest....in short bollox! so with every one here from the usa and europe and every media form present something had to happen... so there ended up being a few jams at the infamous barn and people did destroy decoy....and i do mean destroy!! there was a heavy session running on the saturday at decoy trails,alot of people rode,locals,new pro's and veterans all tore the place...it was missing some sort of rat like commentary and music but that didnt seem to stop any of the riders go nuts! aswell as some locals lima-pictured below 360'ing clean over 2 chimney sweeps,scott edgeworth,taj,darrin read,perico,leo forte,garret byrnes and ricky gunner all ripped the place with brian foster being the major stand out for me-doing it for the post 30's....fuckin damn right! he was also awarded a gibson guitar for being voted by the riders shredder of the weekend or something like that....fuckin spot on! so that was the empire of dirt,which really became the decoy jam...fuck it,it was fun anyway.the e.o.d event is now being rolled over to next year. anyway check the snaps,there was no real disappointment here!