alright,the summer feels like its actually arrived is a sneak preview of our next bike part-its totally top secret so dont tell anyone eh!here is the bicycle union front hub conventional looking no b@llshit hub,no pointless mind boggling over complicated science rants here.we'll leave that to the brainiacs(or so some like to think?)its slick,fast rolling,lite weight,good looking and is coming in for a sensible price....and even a vomit colour too.the other colours will be black and white....thats not on one hub tho.expect to get one of these beauty's in a few months.more things coming thru soon enough so keep em peeled! under the hub is our good friend alpertine,who shreds on a prostatique limb,check the pics,this is real.when most of us are moaning about too many stock rails in videos or who is best at nose wheelies,some people are just making us all look stupid and simply getting on with it...theres no stopping people with heart...altho in those shades he does look like mafia crime king sam giancana! stew jonson is here for the redbull empire of dirt,the event looks set to be a goodun,every bdy is coming or is already here for it,has anyone seen scott?