damn right,back to the beaming! even tho the traisl were still damp at the weekend,we still got a good sesh going at the spot on sunday.with a few irish visitors on the shores,the international globe trotter known as meatman was in attendance but then draft dodged the tuesday build/noodle sesh...f@ckin soft ass! the pic of scott is froma french trip we were on a while ago, these two bowls are at the end of a snake run and are f@ckin gnarly-deep as f@ck and flying at a blaaady undred mph! chris doyle is heading over here amongst an absolute mass of people from the usa to attend the empire of dirt event in devon and also doing a blog for ride uk's site ,but wil the real chris doyle please stand up! stew johnson of props fame is also here to film the event and film some stuf fwhilst he is here...i reckon he's here for the grub tho? i went to cantelowes the other day-its f@ckin garbage!seriously, it probably works for skating but on a bike the hips dont link up and theres a wall with sharp edges sticking out when you carve along it-sort of like a curb stuck vertically on the tranny.there is a good 1/4 at the bottom tho-i can see some one going 10 feet out of that thing.anyway thats the story there!