ole fuck this wind,i have just got back from a trip to scotland with the 4 down guys and van homan and geoff slattery,i know you all know van is a machine and capable of destroying all in his path and beyond,but you will be hearing about geoff in the future for sure-whilst van spent the whole day in bed due to some fuckin virus.geoff totally destroyed the aberdeen contest-i dont know if i ever saw any one go that fast in a skatepark before?anyways it was a splendid contest with a full spread spectrum of bmx'ers and riding and a good few flakes who didnt show up?the park is a brand new 3 million quid affair with a lot of god stuff there to do,we also stopped at unit 23 in glasgow,which is sweet....scotland is cold and so is middlesborough,we went to the plaza there on the way up-that place is basically a street set up skatepark...not my sort of thing but everyone else liked it and the locals were nice as! we hit livingston for a short stop too,which was good...all this whilst a nice new coffee shop in hastings was getting ready for a grand opening-good luck with that one chaps! heres some pics for ya to ave a gander at! i am totally listening to guns and roses appetite fro destruction-over and over and over...i forgot how splendid that was! f@ck this wind!