another hot weekend,coffee's and sunsets aint just for hippies! spring is here with authority this year and with it have appeared some wood work dwellers! this is the infamous silver back,he now carries a bag full of personalised weaponary every where he goes,a few weeks back a few of these guys were assaulted at leytonstone park by 12 new era ghetto wannabe kids with an arsenal of weapons...riding in london these days is no fuckin joke,every lil fuck wit wants to steal your bike,but dont worry the powers that be say crime in london is the lowest its been for 8 years...thats reported crime you fuck wits! so this is what happens when you get knocked around the head from behind with a cricket bat or something eh? i guess the knock on the head may have also lead to his seat choice-an evian bottle top!i should have grabbed some pics of riding from the silver back-he is still insane! sam peeps from south london sides busting a 540 hurricane with purple rims. i just heard that van homan and tony slattery are coming to the uk for 5 days in may-look for some heavy action some where in the uk!