26 degrees eh....fuckin 26 de-greeeeez in april.check the hands,these are pure summer hands,nothing wintery about them at all.26 thats not bad for the uk.seems like summer has come early,all these f@ck wits were moaning it was too hot to ride on sunday-look at the lazy f@cks,urko aint happy about that,there aint much life in there tho eh! the first pic is from epsom,this is jon and rosstache digging away,dialling in and having a whinge about the dryness of the place...the trails will be up and running this week at a guess,things were getting there.and the main line was runnning-check ross turning one down on the fourth set....and heres dean hearn busting a pre 9 am look back-no shit,the pony tail is back! now get out there and make use of it!