strewth,we have some updates from south sides-one from south of england and one from sunny so cal, first up is from alex leech,alex has been around forever-longer than you! and he pretty much invented half the stuff you see on most bikes these days,alex is TECH,further more he likes slapshot and rides flaming ramps!and then you have rob ridge,who aint too far astray from alex in some ways,he has been around forever,has invented a bunch of bike bits and still rides...he probably dont like slapshot,but owns the flaming ramps! then theres the crew from epsom who just got back from a trip to sunny cali,jon robinson didnt even get to see the grotbags,grotbags was busy in mirra's warehouse learning downside bikeflip 360's 2 feet out on a resi box wearing a new era bath over his ear. anyway jon did get to see kye forte who would have been much more productive than grotbags,who would have smoked 3 packs of ciggarettes then gone for breakfast....anyway heres the pics,and if anyone is interested there is a cantelowes opening day jam tomorrow,go along and see for your self...camden rd,london is the location.