that you?happy

a rainy night in london town again,good job we had an indoor session last night at scotty's ramp,was a fun time. heres some snaps of last night.we have our depender back packs arriving this week,they are a rugged and fuctional bag,which will be at a good price-check em out on our product page if you are interested. people seem pretty syched on the gloves and new knee pads,thanks for all your feed back its good to hear...they should be available in the usa very soon.for anyone who hasnt noticed,there will be an event in devon this year which is set to be bad ass,the empire of dirt has alot to do with the infamous forte bro's and pretty much EVERY one who rides trails is going to that from around the globe...go git some! dean from 4 down helped me out with the "new open pics in a new window"for this site-thanks dean!

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