ian'mozza'morris just got back from alabama via van homans wedding,for those of you who dont know,van has opened a new shop in new jersey.the place is said to be dialled and sweet as!ian certainly enjoyed his visit and noted the bicycle union products respresented in there-thanks van!check the shop front,how picturesque is that place!get down there if you are in nj or sorounding area's get in there and support your scene. he also sent us this pic of him feebling a ledge-i did specify to ian i wanted"a brick ledge"but he sent this one back,this is some serious junior ledge action here! and then we have josh surhe,josh is from cincy ohio,this is a pic from the bmxonline.com bike check,i had to post this up,i just couldnt believe how college josh looked in this shot,its like a 'happy days"shot!