a rom saturday eh!windy as fuck and raining,aahhh just how i remember it! this is billy mills busting a flattie overy to roll a nuveran i reckon? that was the only rideable hip in the wet,even tho it was raining billy still thought it was "the bollox"! thats albert rushmore infront of in a hurr him with a high kicking candy bar! so theres a recent rom snap and heres an older snap-whilst at rom i aquired this beauty,thats scotty malyon busting a mouse like tabogan over the hip -i just realised,i aint even sure how to spell tabogan!anyway i reckon this is from 95/96-check him out,we need many more oif these sorts of things! also heres a pic of stuart king,he doesnt ride much anymore and would rather surf or play guitar-but still busts a mean lookback! winter is back...leave it out!