the shook guys were in town at the weekend,but stayed in south london rolling about with joe fox and co...soft!! so we never actually saw em,i think they are coming back through ? they are in hastings at the minute. as london has been fuckin snowing,we aint been pedalling a great deal. to make you all a little jealous check out chris doyle's destruction of a step up in heath pinters garden-this was at the st patricks jam,what the fuck is a st patricks day jam in cali all about?it was covered on the other guy is corey bohan-one footed table 360.... i thought this was one of the sweetest 360's ive ever seen-these moves are seriously BOSH!{pics:fat} and at the side we also have a little grotbags update,as you can see he is making the most of the weather too.....weathered more like! rocking some heavy wasp right now!earny from shef had this cool tattoo by steve byrne! damn right son!