ian"mozza"morris sent me some pics of him at an old shanty park in alabama.he is on a road trip with corey martinez-thats his bike in the pic and corey is the other one who's riding,i bet these pics end up on 4downs site too!they are both on there way to from bama to jersey for van homans wedding-celebrity bmx right there!hope the day goes well for van and sam on there big day. no snow today as they reported over the weekend,it was damn cold in london tho,the temprature halfed from day to day and seemed like we went back a month climate wise! our new products will be posted up tomorrow,ive been busy all weekend supping tea and surfing you tube! oh yeah i did watch the volume dvd extra's too which were real good,kris bennett has a part on the extras and there is also commentary through the whole movie by castillo and glen milligan-thats pretty funny too....get it on suckaaas!