well,i guess today could be"officially"called spring?the sun even had bit warmth to it! check the snaps for blatant out door shorts and t shirt action! cant be too long now before we are back at the trails and heckling under the green leaves? here is a pic of ronald mcdonald and cronos-spot the difference!enjoying the first real sunny day of the year...ronald mcdonald is doing the d.r.i skank if you cant tell whos who? also heres a pic of cong-again,tooth picking the loaf!if you are wondering why so many pics of cong,its simply because he rides more than any of the other waffahs...WAFFAH's! and for any one wondering,we have our new gloves and pads touching down in the uk this week...so get intouch with your local dealer to see whats up? epsom trails look to be safe for now so thanks to every one who made the effort to sign the petition-posi! laters!