chad shackleford and wade young from shook dvd magazine are coming to london next week to film for there new issue.they will be roaming through out the uk in order to collect as much footage as possible-a mean feat for march i reckon as the days are still short!good luck to em,we'll keep ya posted on the goings on there...i searched high and low for a pic of chad but nothing came up other than one on bmxonline-they'd probably take us to court!so heres the fetti looking happy about some japanese cement! this is an old snap of barney the happy northerner on our france/spain trip 05,barney is on the other side of the planet in aus and new zealand meeting tv celebs from neighbours and hanging with ashley charles who is also in aus at the minute...ash says there is officially a concrete park in every town! and the first pic is of a squatted park in north london,they are moving to another spot tho-thats why there are such a lack of ramps in the pic,hopefully they'll get a new location up soon. and heres a video link to the epsom locals...what a bunch of GOONS!