Chris Stauffer 2017

Chris Stauffer, 2017. In 1997 there was a scene report in Ride USA on Bethlehem, PA. There was a picture of this guy here riding his then local trails(Posh)doing this exact trick, this was just before he blew up with his part in the first Anthem video. At the time this X was by far the most X'ed up I'd ever seen anyone get. Later that year Stuart King and i went to stay in Bethlehem with Sandy Carson who lived with Sal and Stauffer. I also met Steve Crandall for the first time on that trip. One of the things i like most about BMX is these people that have been through the media spot light and come out the other side still doing what they love to do-Enjoy bikes. Thats 20 years of transatlantic two wheeled brotherhood and still got an X of the Gods!

Those days

Back in ye ole days, The year was 95. Print magazines pic from Ride usa, Rider run contest series-the Hoffman bikes BS, DIY ramp parks, spine tricks galore, jump box mayhem! When rider owned brands were actually rider owned, well here our old friend Stuart King who run one of those rider owned brands, King bike co. Used travel to the USA to compete in Pro and hang with the top dogs. Pioneered a ton of tricks and a bunch of then revolutionary bike parts. And still all round top man! 

Wot year is it?

So the year was 2004, although I thought it was earlier? Some people are saying 2001 I thought it was 2002, some where in that era. We used to make 2 styles of gloves the Shadow(this was before the company Shadow Conspiracy was born-that may give us a hint to what year),the Shadow glove was a light weight glove which evolved into the Love/Hate glove and the Conquest glove which was more armoured and got phased out over the years. So I made a post card to promo the gloves featuring Scott Malyon at the top of Leytonstone wall ride in East London on  summers day. Scott is on his T-1 prototype signature frame and Joe Rich Etnies Throttle 1 or 2 shoes?